Stories I've Written

I specialize in health service journalism, reported health features, and content marketing for brands and non-profits in the health and wellness space. Some samples are below.



HEALTH CENTRAL: What Young Women Should Know About Breast Cancer

HEALTH CENTRAL: Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy: Which to Choose?

AARP: How Your Pandemic Habits Could Raise Your Breast Cancer


HEALTH: 9 Lymphoma Symptoms to Watch For, According to Cancer Doctors

HEALTH: These 3 Women Were Each Diagnosed With Advanced Lung Cancer—Even Though They Never Smoked

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: 5 Things We Now Know About Multiple Myeloma

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: Lung Cancer: What You Need to Know About Your Risk Factor—Even if You've Never Smoked

EVERYDAY HEALTH: Should You Use Medical Marijuana If You Have Cancer?

EVERYDAY HEALTH: Dense Breasts 101: What You Need To Know if You Have This Type of Breast Tissue

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: 8 Common Myths About Metastatic Breast Cancer

FAMILY CIRCLE: The New Rules of Breast Cancer

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS: Screening for Breast Cancer

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS: You Can Get Skin Cancer Where?

WEBMD: Does Marijuana Help With Breast Cancer?



MOUNT SINAI SCIENCE & MEDICINE: Connecting the Dots Between Heart Disease and Full-Body Health

AARP: What Are Blood Clots and When They're Dangerous

AARP: What to Know About Angina

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS: Heart-Health Wake-Up Call

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: 5 Things We Now Know About Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

WOMAN'S DAY: The Health Issue You Must Discuss

SILVERSNEAKERS: 9 Things You Should Do After a Heart Attack

SILVERSNEAKERS: 8 Things You Don’t Know About Cholesterol



FORTUNE WELL: Why Do You Have a Sore Throat When You Wake Up in the Morning?

FORTUNE WELL: 9 At-Home Exercises That May Help Relieve Your Long COVID Symptoms

AARP: What Is What a Breakthrough COVID Infection Feels Like

HEALTH: 'Post-COVID Syndrome' Is Causing Lingering Symptoms in Some Coronavirus Survivors

PREVENTION: How Common Are Flu Side Effects, And Do You Really Need To Get Vaccinated?

WEBMD: Is Coronavirus Riskier if You Have HIV?

WEBMD: The Truth Behind Mom's Cold and Flu Advice

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: 3 Innovative Ways Researchers Are Rethinking How We Combat the Flu



FORTUNE WELL: 4 Strategies to Stop Blood Sugar Swings

MOUNT SINAI SCIENCE & MEDICINE: Leading Breakthroughs in Diabetes

DIABETIC LIVING: Help for Your Heart 

LEVELS: The 7 Factors that Significantly Impact Your Blood Sugar

LEVELS: What Causes Hypoglycemia in People Without Diabetes?

LEVELS: The Science on Sugar Cravings and How to Beat Them

DIABETES FORECAST: Fight for Your Rights

DIABETES FORECAST: What You Need to Know About Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults

DIABETES FORECAST: Diagnosis: Diabulimia

DIABETES FORECAST: All About Diabetes and Pregnancy


DIABETES FORECAST: Making Islet Cell Transplants Safer


FORTUNE WELL: No, Drinking Diet Coke Won't Kill You  But Experts Say There Are Several Good Reasons to Consider Cutting Back

FORTUNE WELL: These 6 High-Inflammatory Foods Can Sap Your Energy and Raise Your Risk of Chronic Health Conditions

AARP: 7 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Pumpkins

AARP: 5 Superfoods for Arthritis

WEBMD: Energy Drinks: Pick-Me-Up or Health Hazard?

LIVESTRONG: You Don't Want to Know About the Fish Many Poke and Sushi Spots Are Using

BORN FITNESS: Milk Isn't Bad For You (But 6 Type of People May Want to Avoid It



HEALTH CENTRAL: Eating a Plant-Based Diet with Ulcerative Colitis

WEIGHT WATCHERS: What is GERD? Here's Your Complete Guide

NORTHWELL HEALTH: 6 Things You Should Know About Your Gut Bacteria

WEBMD: Crohn’s: A Full-Body Disease

WEBMD: Living With Ulcerative Colitis

PREVENTION: This Seven-Time Marathoner Gets Candid About Running With Crohn's Disease



FORTUNE WELL: Tiny Stressors, Major Impact: How to Keep "Microstress" From Wrecking Your Health 

HEALTH CENTRAL: What is Type 3 Diabetes?

WEBMD: How to Practice Gratitude

HEALTH CENTRAL: Can You Take Adderall and Antidepressants Together?

HEALTH: Has the Pandemic Finally Convinced Doctors to Take the Link Between Physical and Mental Health Seriously?  

RALLY HEALTH: A Year of Stress May Be Messing With Your Body (And How to Fix It)

RALLY HEALTH: Surviving the Strain of a Crowded House

WEBMD: ADHD: Deciding Not to Use Medication

THE KEY: Is Loneliness Hurting Your Older Loved One’s Health

WEBMD: What Are Nootropics?

SILVERSNEAKERS: 6 Ways to Cut Your Risk of Dementia 

ADHD ONLINE: What People With ADHD Should Know About Seasonal Affective Disorder 

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: This Schizophrenia Clinical Trial Could Improve Patient Caregiving

POWER OF MINDFULNESS: Meditation for People Who Can't Sit Still 

NORTHWELL HEALTH: A Good Therapist is Hard to Find


AARP: 6 Very Big Reasons to Brush

PARENTS: A Look at the Tooth-Bank Trend 

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: Surprising Causes of Bad Breath

SILVERSNEAKERS: Dental Health for Older Adults: What Your Mouth Says About Your Health

FAMILY CIRCLE: All About Smiles



AARP: Playing Ping-Pong Through Parkinson's

AARP: Spot the Warning Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

AARP: Parkinson’s Dementia: Signs, Symptoms, and Hope for the Future

HEALTH CENTRAL: How Close Are We to a Cure for MS?

SHAPE: Head Off Headaches


NORTHWELL HEALTH: Reconstructing Tuck

NORTHWELL HEALTH: I Had Colon Cancer at 32

HEALTH: I Thought I Had the Flu—but It Turned Out to Be Sepsis

HEALTH: I Had a Preventive Mastectomy at 39—Then Found Out I Already Had Breast Cancer

FAMILY CIRCLE: I Kept My Cancer a Secret

CREAKYJOINTS: Living With Stage 4 Lung Cancer During the Coronavirus Pandemic

LADIES' HOME JOURNAL: Let Me Tell You What It's Like... To Have Adult ADHD

WEBMD: What It’s Really Like to Have Heart Bypass Surgery

SHAPE: Melanoma? Me?



CREAKYJOINTS: What Precision Medicine Might Mean for Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Journey

WEBMD: The Future of Precision Medicine

WEBMD: Information Safety in the Precision Medicine Age

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: Are Super Personalized Solutions the Future of Healthcare?


CREAKYJOINTS: Understanding Neuromodulation and Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Rheumatoid Arthritis

CREAKYJOINTS: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Heart Disease: Why You’re at Increased Risk

CREAKYJOINTS: Preventing Heart Disease When You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis: Which Tests Do You Need?

CREAKYJOINTS: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Heart Disease: 28 Ways You Can Lower Your Risk

CREAKYJOINTS: Gout Signs and Symptoms You Might Be Ignoring

CREAKYJOINTS: Gout Risk Factors and Causes You Need to Know About

CREAKYJOINTS: Gout Flares: How to Treat Them (and Prevent Them in the Future)

AARP: 5 Warning Signs of Lupus

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: Tapping the Powers of the Immune System

HEALTH CENTRAL: Inflammation and Psoriasis: What’s the Connection?



THE KEY: How to Respond to Dementia-Related Behaviors

THE KEY: Is Loneliness Hurting Your Older Loved One’s Health

THE KEY: 5 Steps to Take After a Loved One Has a Fall

SILVERSNEAKERS: Opioid Safety: What Every Older Adult Needs to Know 

SILVERSNEAKERSHow Older Adults Can Avoid a Misdiagnosis

SILVERSNEAKERS: Special Report: Are You Drinking Too Much?

SILVERSNEAKERS: OTC Meds for Older Adults: How to Stay Safe

BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD MINNESOTA: How to Make Home Safe for Older Adults


FORTUNE WELL: Can You Get Addicted to Melatonin?

HEALTH CENTRAL: Can You Take Ambien and Hydrocodone Together?

WEIGHT WATCHERS: Sleep Meditation: Can Meditating Help You Sleep?

NORTHWELL HEALTH: Is Your Smartphone Messing With Your Sleep?

WEBMD: Why PMS Gives You Insomnia

SHAPE: How to Fake Awake



WEBMD: What Is Food Noise and How Can You Quiet It?

EATING WELL: Metabolism Matters 

FORTUNE WELL: 7 Expert-Backed Strategies to Avoid Overeating When You're Working From Home

AARP: FDA Approves Game-Changing Weight Loss Drug Semaglutide

PREVENTION: How Mindful Eating Helped Me Lose Weight And Love Food

READER'S DIGEST: 50 Sneaky Things Making You Gain Weight

SHAPE: Control Your Weight Fate

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: The Facts About Weight-Loss Surgery: Experts Debunk 6 Common Myths



HEALTH CENTRAL: Do Fertility Drugs and IVF Increase Breast Cancer Risk?

WEBMD: How to Help Your Daughter Be Ready For Her First Period

GLAMOUR: The Ob-Gyn Shortage Is RealAnd It Might Impact Your Care

AARP: How to Tame a Hot Flash

HEALTH: The Best Birth Control at Every Age

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: What It's Like When Your Baby Has a Rare Blood Disorder

HEALTHYWOMEN: Women and Chronic Pain: No It's Not All In Your Head 

ALLOY: Hot Flashes and Anxiety: What's the Connection?

ALLOY: Menopause and Hair Loss: What's the Deal?

ALLOY: What Causes Hot Flashes?

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